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Vinyl Removers
Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover
4 oz. with sprayer [Add To Cart]
32 oz. with sprayer [Add To Cart]
Instructions for Rapid Remover 1 gallon jug [Add To Cart]
Quart (GG32) [Add To Cart]
VINYL-OFF VINYL-OFF Vinyl Decal Remover
GHOST-OFF GHOST-OFF Oxidation Remover
Stahl's CADCO
Stahls Solvent for removing graphics from garments

Use Rapid Remover or GrafixGone to remove the adhesive that is left behind
after vinyl is removed. Be sure to use with adequate ventilation.

These products may be used on vinyl banners, Plexiglas, Styrofoam,
styrene, glass and painted surfaces.

TIP Directions
1. Use heat lamp or heat gun to soften vinyl.
2. Pull the vinyl from the surface.
3. Apply adhesive remover with cloth or paper towel.
4. Let sit for at least 90 seconds until glue softens.
5. Scrape with squeegee to remove glue residue.
6. Wipe area with a clean cloth or towel.
7. Remove any remaining glue and dry surface.