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Aqueous Inkjet Cartridges for Roland Ink Jet Printers

For Roland models
Hi-Fi JET: FJ-40, FJ-42, FJ-50 , FJ-52,
CAMMJET: CJ-400 & CJ-500
  Pigment Ink [Pigment Ink]   Dye Ink [Dye Ink]
FPG-CY 220 ml Pigmented Cyan $111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-CY 220 ml Dye Cyan $99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-MG 220 ml Pigmented Magenta 111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-MG 220 ml Dye Magenta 99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-YE 220 ml Pigmented Yellow 111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-YE 220 ml Dye Yellow 99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-BK 220 ml Pigmented Black 111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-BK 220 ml Dye Black 99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-LC 220 ml Pigmented Light Cyan 111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-LC 220 ml Dye Light Cyan 99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-LM 220 ml Pigmented Light Magenta 111.99 [Add To Cart] FDY-LM 220 ml Dye Light Magenta 99.99 [Add To Cart]
FPG-OR 220 ml Pigmented Orange 111.99 [Add To Cart]

[Inkjet cartridge]

FPG-GR 220 ml Pigmented Green 111.99 [Add To Cart]