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Textile Transfer Inkjet Media

EcoSolPRINT Heat Transfer Media

For use with solvent
ink jet printers such
as Roland
and Mutoh

25" x 38" sheet
(usable area 24" x 36")
$12.00 [Add To Cart] [EcoSolPRINT]
[Solvent Ink]
Transfer 7 sec @300 F, Medium Pressure
Peel cold or slowly hand iron for 45 seconds
ColorPrint Heat Transfer Media
ColorPrint Eco Solvent 24" x 5 yards $75.00 [Add To Cart] [Specialty Materials][Solvent Ink]
ColorPrint EcoSOL / SOLVENT

Color profile available with order upon request
[]Cut at slowest speed
ColorPrint Eco Solvent 24" x 10 yards 140.00 [Add To Cart]
ColorPrint Eco Solvent 24" x 15 yards 199.00 [Add To Cart]
ColorPrint Eco Solvent 24" x 25 yards 320.00 [Add To Cart]
Roland Heat Transfer Media
Opaque Heat Transfer Material
Opaque white heat transfer media
Designed to be print and cut
For light or dark material, cotton or cotton blend


[Pigment Ink][Dye Ink][Solvent Ink]

PCM-HTM-10-24 24" x 10 feet $42.95 [Add To Cart]
PCM-HTM-11-17 11" x 17" (50 sheets) 112.95 [Add To Cart]
PCM-HTM-50-24 24" x 50 feet 132.95 [Add To Cart]
PCM-HTM-50-50 50" x 50 feet 274.75 [Add To Cart]
[]Application Instructions
  • Print & Cut as positive image
  • Peel design from sheet.
  • Use Magic Mask (re-usable) to transfer cut graphics
  • Pre-heat press to approximately 325 about 15 minutes prior to application.
  • Pre-press garment for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Place printed image right side up on garment.
  • Cover printed image with Teflon transfer pad or silica sheet(do not use standard transfer tape) for a matte finish, or use shiney side of the HTM carrier sheet as a transfer cover for a glossy finish.
  • Press for 4-6 seconds at 325 F with medium to firm pressure when using a silica sheet or the carrier sheet.  Press for 8-10 seconds when using a Teflon sheet, or if press temperature varies.
ColorJet Heat Transfer Media
Color JET 3 Thermal Transfer Material
Transfer prints to light and dark garments with any inkjet printer
[Specialty Materials]
[Color Jet 3 Media]

[Pigment Ink][Dye Ink]




CJ-4600-8X11 8-1/2" x 11" (10 pack) $17.50 [Add To Cart]
CJ-4600-11X17 11" x 17" (10 pack) 35.00 [Add To Cart]
CJ-4600-18-15 19" x 5 yards 72.25 [Add To Cart]
CJ-4600-29-15 30" x 5 yards 108.75 [Add To Cart]
CJ-4600-29-65 30" x 65 feet 410.75 [Add To Cart]

See also Roland CAMM-1 CAD-Cutter
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