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Roland GX-24

[X] Most popular model vinyl cutter [X] Test cut button and Pause button
[X] Usable material cutting width: 2" to 23" [X] Optical registration sensor for Print & Cut solution
[X] Letter / graphic cutting size: 1/4" min to 23" max [X] Slot for trimming off vinyl
[X] Dual line LED panel for changing settings [X] Media roll holder attaches to machine
[X] Cutter/pen force: 20 to 250 grams [X] Dual vinyl alignment guides
[X] "On the fly" pressure adjustment [X] Interface: USB and Serial Ports
[X] 4 cut/plot "presets" for easier operation [X] Dimensions: 33.5" x 12.25" x 9.25"
[X] Speed: 20 inches per second [X] Weight: 40 lbs
[X] Data buffer: 1 MB [X] Shipping weight: 50 lbs
[X] Origin reset button on control panel


Roland Cut Studio software included
[X] Re-plot capability [X] 3 year warranty
(2 from Roland &
1 FREE additional year from Beacon)
[X] Cuts vinyl, sandblast resist, twill, reflective, etc. CAMM-1 Work Center Stand for GX-24 ($450)
Cutter stand for GX-24 ($295)
[X] Additional accessories included with the vinyl cutter:
Interface Cable, Knifeblade ZEC-U5025,
Adjustable Blade Holder, Vinyl Roll Holder
Roland Cut Studio software.
See the GX-24 in action (movie)
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Download GX-24 Flyer
Download GX-24 Specification Sheet
Use your printer to create "Print & Cut" Graphics
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24" UltraCAL Start-Up Kit

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Roland CAMM-1 model GX-24 (Reg. $1995)
Buy online: $1695
(Tax Exempt)
[Add To Cart] GX-24 with Roland cutter stand
Buy online: $1990
(Tax Exempt)

24" Letter-imager system
with Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 sign cutter

24" Ultra-imager system
with Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 sign cutter

Recommended design software: ULTRA-Flex

Roland cutters, the most popular cutters in the sign industry.
The best choice for cutting vinyl letters for racecars, vans, cars, boats and trucks.
Roland cutters give you the highest quality along with great reliability making them the perfect cutter
for all your signmaking needs. Whether you are starting a new business or needing the latest in sign technology,
a Roland cutter will give you the speed, efficiency and dependability you deserve. Let us inspire your creativity.

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