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The BrightBike Project
Do-It-Yourself Kit

Bicycle before and after

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The goal of the BrightBike proejct is to promote bicycle safety, by encouraging riders to wrap their bicycles in a reflective vinyl film that is highly reflective and will make the riders much more visible to automobile traffic, especially at night. Initial tests were done at the Eyebeam workshop with a 3M Black Reflective film. Notice in the picture above, in regular light the bicycle looks Black, but under a flash (or headlights) it is bright white.

The BrightBike DIY Kit Contains everything you'll need to Convert your trusty steed from a Plain 'Ol Bike to a Bright Bike:

There are two Kits to Choose From:


The vinyl in this kit is Pre-cut to BrightBike Standard Bicycle Measurements. This kit will allow anyone to turn their bicycle into a BrightBike, with minimal fuss. Simply peel,stick, and smooth.


Offers maximum flexibility of design/application. The vinyl comes as a solid 6ft piece, allowing the user to customize it how he/she sees fit. This kit will require the user to accurately measure and cut the vinyl to fit his/her bicycle.

Kit #1 Includes:

Kit #2 Includes:

  • 6 ft of 3M Scotchlite Black Reflective Vinyl (uncut)
  • 4oz Spray Bottle of Rapid Prep Cleaner
  • Felt Squeegee
  • Price: $54.99
  • Add to Cart: Add to Cart (15x10yds)
A $2 Donation will be made to Eyebeam for every BrightBike kit sold.

Now available for immediate delivery.

Note: 3M Reflective Vinyl is also available in White, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Blue and Green. Call Dave Lynn x219 for pricing. Minimum quantities may apply.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Beacon Graphics makes no representations or warranties as to the effectiveness of the BrightBike Kit or 3M Reflective Vinyl. Always ride your bicycle safely.

See How Easy it is to make your Bike a BRIGHTBIKE! by Michael Mandiberg

For Detailed Instruactions, See Bright Bike on

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