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  SABRE SERIES 2 - 100" CUTTER    

List Price: $1,806.00 per EACH
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Item Code: 60738
Weight: 100.00LB

100" Cutter

Product Features

  • Precision built using top quality materials
  • All the superior features of the Evolution3 range with the addition of an integral cutting strip for textiles and fragile materials
  • Save time and money with less waste and fewer mistakes


    The Sabre Series 2 is a genuine all round cutter bar that will slice through 13mm (1/2") thick foamboard or trim tissue paper gently.

    It is perfect for the print shop, workshop, studio, architects’ practice, or educational institution. It’s simple to use, incredibly versatile and purposely designed for your safety.

    Versatile The Sabre Series 2 will safely cut a wide range of materials, up to 13mm (1/2") thick and 3m (120") wide. It is a fully mobile cutting solution with no need for calibration when installed. Its strong base will compensate for a substandard work surface to provide a stable cutting platform and it will sit directly on a bench or can be mounted on an optional stand that has the capacity to be fitted with a waste catcher and roll feed to become the perfect production cutter.

    The Sabre Series 2 has guaranteed 1.0mm (0.04") accuracy. Full-length silicone grip strips in the base and underside of the cutter bar hold your cutting media firmly in place. The integral base plate has metric parallel indents and a cut groove to assure accuracy. Floating, self-adjusting hinges automatically adjust to give lay-flat cutting on materials up to 13mm (1/2") thick and holds the slideway above the work-surface for easy repositioning of the media.

    The Sabre Series 2 is designed to provide maximum operator safety for all users in a wide range of environments such as commercial offices, industrial workshops or craft studios. It provides a controlled and measured method of cutting for a wide range of materials, removing all the dangers of using a hand knife. The Sabre securely clamps the media, and the blade is always under control. The automatic blade retraction and safely contained blades also protect the user when placing material on the cutter.

    The Sabre Series 2 is simple to operate, requiring little training. The ergonomically designed cutting head allows single-handed cutting action and uses downward pressure to engage the blade. The single tool head offers a choice of three blade holders which can be switched safely and quickly to suit different materials. Blade changing and depth adjustment are simple and completed without the use of additional tools. The level of safety and simplicity of use makes the Sabre Series 2 perfectly suited for use by inexperienced operators in educational environments.

    The Sabre Series 2 has three blades as standard:

      Graphik blade holder: designed for the sign maker and digital printer with a specially crafted knife edge for extra stability in tougher materials and a cutting depth of up to 13mm (1/2"). By running the blade backwards, acrylics can be scored for snapping. The reversible blades have the ability to be set to cut left-right or right-left.
      Rotary blade holder: cold cuts textiles and other delicate materials and is ideal for trimming thin strips off banners and posters where a knife blade would be too aggressive. It is fitted with a red safety blade guard to be engaged when not in use. A cutting mat is required to be used when using the rotary blade holder, please note this is not supplied.
      Medium duty blade holder: uses standard off-the-shelf medium duty utility blades for general purpose, economical cutting and can be adjusted to cut materials up to a depth of 10mm (3/8"). The slide system is designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance and the Sabre Series 2 is calibrated for immediate ‘out of the box’ accuracy.

    Semi-rigid materials:

    • Corrugated cardboard = 13mm (1/2")
    • PVC foamboard = 13mm (1/2")
    • Corrugated plastic = 13mm (1/2")
    • Foam centred board = 13mm (1/2")
    Rigid materials: (scoring only)
    • Cast acrylic / Plexiglas = 3mm (3/32") scoring only
    Flexible materials:
    • Banners
    • Textiles
    • Magnetic sheets
    • Film
    • Self-adhesive vinyls
    • Delicate materials

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