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  TECHNIC ARC TE 100"    

List Price: $1,032.00 per EACH
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Item Code: 60634
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100" Table Edge Cutter

Product Features

  • Reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Accurate
  • The table edge (TE) version of the Technic Advanced Rotary Cutter (ARC), fits onto the edge of your work surface to create the ideal cutting platform.

    It has all the superior paper and film cutting properties of the Technic ARC but will fit neatly to the edge of your bench leaving your work surface unobstructed for other activities

    With two-way cutting, guaranteed accuracy and a clear view of the cutting line, you will achieve a professional finish even on the most delicate materials.

    The superior construction guarantees that the cut is consistent over the entire length of the material, there are no bows or buckles in the middle. The robust aluminium baseplate with integral metric parallel grooves, provides a stable cutting platform. Two integral roller clamps ensure secure clamping during cutting.

    The Technic ARC TE has dual cutting wheels to provide the flexibility of cutting in both directions. High grade blades, made from hardened tool steel, guarantee the sharpness required for perfect cutting.

    The advanced monorail design eliminates the instability of overhead rail cutters and the potential risk of standard paper guillotines. The Technic ARC TE will not distort even under heavy pressure.

    With no overhead guide rail, the Technic ARC has a flat unobtrusive design that will not get in the way of other work. It can fit neatly onto the work surface or be positioned on an optional dedicated stand.

    The Technic ARC TE has been specifically designed to turn even the most ordinary workbench into a convenient cutting table. By fitting neatly to the edge of the bench the Technic ARC TE is always available for use without interfering with other tasks

    By manufacturing in-house, with only the highest quality materials, Keencut can guarantee that the Technic ARC TE will provide reliable long-lasting and accurate service. All Keencut products are offered with a comprehensive five year guarantee.

    Semi-rigid materials:

    • Cardboard = 1mm (0.04")
    • Mountboard = 1mm (0.04")
    Flexible materials:
    • Paper
    • Tissue paper
    • Film
    • Self-adhesive vinyls

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