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Entry-level sign design cutting software that will import designs from your current software design program such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. Color-import, unlimited undos, color layering control, interactive cutter control, pen fills etc. Lettering can be created using True-Type fonts and merged with graphics which can be imported as EPS, AI, DXF & PLT file formats. ULTRA-Flex Express Vinyl Cutting Software for Signmaking - Vinyl Lettering, Magnetic Lettering, Vehicle Lettering, Boat Lettering, Sign Lettering, Window Lettering, Racecar Lettering, etc. Designed for use with ONLY Roland STIKA vinyl cutters.

Features included in ULTRA-Flex for STIKA version 8.5
TESt it [X] (Un)Group/Ungroup all/(Un)Compound [X]
Unlimited Undo/Redo [X] Make/Release/Lock guides [X]
Select all/Deselect all/Invert selection [X] Convert (stroke) to outlines [X]
Duplicate [X] Path direction [X]
Show fills [X] Order [X]
Show path direction/Show preview [X] Find/replace text [X]
DesignCentral [X] Check spelling [X]
Fill editor/Stroke editor [X] Break apart/Join together text [X]
Color Mixer [X] Text orientation [X]
Swatch Table [X] Tip of the day [X]
Color Specs [X] Help [X]
Status bar (PC only) [X] Edit tool [X]
Show ruler/Show grid/Show guides [X] Rectangle and Oval shape [X]
Ruler and grid [X] Registration tool [X]
Snap to point/Snap to guide/Snap to grid [X] Measure tool [X]



PRICE ... $325

Ask our Product Specialists about ULTRA-Flex software
with "Scan-to-Cut" capabiliity.

Call for bundled system discount pricing.

Beacon Graphics brings you the most highly advanced signmaking software available with ULTRA-Flex and ULTRA-Flex Express sign software.  With twenty years of signmaking expertise, this sign software gives you tons of incredible features to enhance your productivity, inspire your creativity and express yourself with designs that are innovative and powerful. Whether you're cutting vinyl lettering for racecars, vans, boats, cars or trucks, creating banners or outdoor and indoor signs, cutting and printing heat transfers and decals, we have the right signmaking software for you.  With your creativity and our latest technology to inspire you, your success is insured.   Express yourself with the best software in the sign business today.

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