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It’s time to capitalize on the growing number of digital images being captured. Now you can create treasured keepsakes, beautiful heirlooms, lasting mementos, and elegant tags and charms for your customers. The desktop Metaza impact printer makes it fast, and easy to put photos, artwork, drawings, logos, and words on any number of flat materials, from acrylic to metal. The Metaza impact printer uses a carbide stylus to impact the material at various depths, creating precise photo-realistic grayscale images and text. The operation is ultra-quiet and no material is removed, so there is no cleanup involved. Ideal for jewelry, medallions, pet and luggage tags, charms, lighters, cell phones and much more. The MPX-70 is an easy and economical way to expand your customer base, extend your product and service offerings, and increase revenue – overnight.

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1. Import a source image into your PC.
2. Use Dr. Metaza2 to layout and edit photos, text, logos, etc.
3. Set the printing material in the printer and begin printing.
4. The imprinted object is now complete.
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Sample Output
Print head for the Metaza
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Beacon Metaza Starter Kit ... $125

Roland METAZA model MPX-70
USB Port - Software included
(3-1/8" x 3-1/8" working area)

Roland METAZA model MPX-70 ... $2995
Buy for ... $2495.00 [Add To Cart]